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10.08.2005 Lokeren - Terrein Grote Kaai (Belgium) 'Lokerse Feesten'

Segundo concierto de los 9 que conformaron el " Summer Festival Tour".

High fue interpretada para sorpresa del público, siendo esta su única aparición en los sets en vivo.

01 Open
02 Fascination Street
03 From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
04 High
05 The Blood
06 A Night Like This
07 The End of the World
08 Shake Dog Shake
09 Signal to Noise
10 Push
11 Just Like Heaven
12 A Letter to Elise
13 Never Enough
14 Us or Them
15 A Strange Day
16 alt.end
17 The Baby Screams
18 One Hundred Years
19 Shiver and Shake
20 End

Encore 1:
21 At Night
22 M
23 Play for Today
24 A Forest

Encore 2:
25 Let's Go to Bed
26 Why Can't I be You?

Encore 3:
27 Boys Don't Cry

Part 1
Part 2

No dudes en tenerlo

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thx snakepit for the cover

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